White Coyote Technology, LLC is based in Portland, OR and has been in business continually since 1995. The company name is meant to imply that our commitment to quality is as rare as a white coyote.

White Coyote Technology has adapted to the quickly changing tech environment, and over the years we have written and produced many training and education video productions including Mortgageware For Processors and the groundbreaking set of Video Bytes. We have offered several online apps including Official Assignor - a sports official assigning application which boasted clients across the nation. Additionally we have installed, configured and supported countless office networks and coded innumerable websites.

DesksupportCenter is a basic support ticket tracking system that will get the job done at a reasonable cost without having to deal with complicated setup or expensive consultants. With DesksupportCenter you'll be solving problems and tracking your successes in minutes - really!

Try it for free for thirty days - you have nothing to lose!

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