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The company name is meant to imply that our commitment to quality is as rare as a white coyote.

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We don't buy or own software anymore; like beer, we only rent it. Fortunately beer doesn't prompt us to log into our mountain fresh account by tapping a secret code on the can before being enabled to enjoy the product we've paid good money for, or force us to wait while the beer is infused with updated hops, or require us to agree to 'terms' so one-sided as to actually be jocular - except that it is not funny.

The days of spacing out and alternating software purchases to help stay within a budget have gone the way of the floppy disk. Monthly and/or yearly subscription fees for specialty software used for image editing, audio/video creation, publishing and developing can quickly add up to hundreds every year. Once MS moves its Windows operating system to a subscription plan the average household can be looking at annual fees of between five hundred and a thousand dollars per year just to check email!

And what's with the logging in all the time? Google wants you to login to your account and just stay logged in - forever. Apple also wants to track you 24/7 but they are not content with your online activity - no, Apple wants to know where you are too. If you blaspheme and sign out of your iPhone it will incessantly 'require' you to sign into your Apple account, although there is no apparent reason to do so. The back-breaking straw is that now MS requires that we login to our MS account just to use WORD! Hey MS! What if we don't want to login every time we want to print a notice that says, "Back in 10 minutes"?

At work, thousands of offices across America have paid thousands of dollars to have Windows Server installed installed as the backbone of their network. 95% of those servers are used only to share files, which is a shame and a waste.

What can be done? The world runs on Microsoft.

No - they want you to think that, but it really doesn't; most of the servers operating the internet are running Linux, and you should too. It is free, easy to install and to use, and there are tons of free applications available - many better than their Windows counterparts - to replace virtually every piece of software that you are now paying for. Businesses can win BIG by installing a server that will share files perfectly well, built with a free operating system that employs at-least-as-good security on comparatively less-expensive hardware.

Things that sound too good to be true almost always are, but thanks to the dedication and perseverance of the open-source community we are looking at a golden age of during which we can compute just as effectively for a fraction of the cost of running all-Windows networks. If you are in the Portland area, call us to arrange for a free on-site inspection and evaluation of your home, office or home office network to discover just how much money you could save right away. 503.922.3383

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